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Sunekos is not like any treatment currently on the market.

It isn’t a filler, isn’t permanent, isn’t Botox and doesn’t freeze anything.
This new injectable skincare treatment containing hyaluronic and amino acids has taken the beauty world by storm because of it’s dramatic and completely natural age reversing effects.

Sunekos is an incredibly effective bio stimulating injectable for smoothing, tightening and improving the skin. It is the secret weapon of anyone who wants a more holistic, natural and longer lasting solution as it provides deep long-lasting hydration giving the skin a glowing natural look for up to 6 months. It really is a game-changer and the results speak for themselves – a younger, fresh faced and natural version of you.

Unlike other skin boosting treatments such as Profhilo, It’s safe enough to treat any area of the skin including the eye area. Unlike Botox it works on the skin quality rather than the muscle movement which cause wrinkles. It achieves a lifting and plumping effect not by filling the loss of volume in the fat pads or specific lines (fillers treat these concerns) but by naturally increasing both collagen and elastin production in your skin giving you younger, more dewy and plumper skin.

Clients really love the treatment because it’s non-invasive, doesn’t involve any downtime and is perfect for anyone looking to radically improve the condition of their skin. It’s relatively painless and the treatment involves four sessions, 7-10 days apart.

Why choose us?

Training is held in a Clinical environment and with a small group, everyone will have the opportunity to practice under the exclusive watch of your constructive trainer, and to observe and learn from other students.

Sunekos Courses Are Open To:

Medical Doctors
Nurses (all NMC Registrants)
Dental Nurses
Dental Therapists 






Training locations

  • Essex
  • East Grinstead 
  • London
  • Cardiff
  • Paisley – Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Tyne and Wear 





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This first session will focus on Sunekos 200, 1200, Performa, Tropeel and the Nutrakos range of products.

Course Structure

There will be a theory session undertaken prior to completing the practical
element. This part offers the delegate information about the product, how
it works and placement of Sunekos 200, 1200 & Performa covering forehead, mid face, lower face, eyes, neck, décolletage and hands. Cannula work will also be included on this training day.

Delegates will also be introduced to product information and techniques of Sunekos Tropeel.

The practical class is held in a Clinical environment.
There will be a demonstration by your trainer and an opportunity to practise on your model.
There is also an opportunity to learn how to bring Sunekos to your clinic and how to market it to your patients.

Course Requirements

This class is for medical professionals who have trained in anti-wrinkle injectables and Dermal Fillers.



Delegates will have the opportunity to learn about advanced techniques using Sunekos Body & Cell.

Course Structure

All areas of the body will be covered as well as in-depth use of Cell for cellulite. Plus, advice for how to market to your specific audience and client base.

On the Advanced practical training day, the class will start with a refresh of the product information, protocols and administration. There will be a demonstration by your trainer, focusing on injecting Sunekos Body & Cell into the appropriate areas of the body including hands, neck and décolletage. The class will then proceed with treating their models under the guidance of their trainer. The class will have the opportunity to watch and learn from each other

Course Requirements

This class is for medical professionals who have received training in Sunekos 200, or have completed Initial Sunekos Training Course, but basic training in Anti-wrinkle injectables and Dermal Fillers is required.

Scheduled Training Sessions

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